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Future music from the past​.



Third World Walker EP 

The new EP is out now

and  includes both a/v singles plus 2 exclusive tracks. Stay tuned

for the video premiere!


Introducing Queuelbum : A Music Guide to Time Travel.

The time-inspired album is an experiment in instrumental music, visuals, philosophy and conceptual art.​

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The history of q and time. Watch when how and why...


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Q ©  2017  Serge Bulat.  All rights reserved.



The ​​Q Travelling!
From USA and Australia, to France and Argentina, - Queuelbum project comes to your city to explore the matters of time in the form of an audio/visual experience.

next stop: >>USA



​Queuelbum Wins The IMA Award For Best Electronic Album

Of The Year!
Serge Bulat took home the award for Best Album - Dance/Electronica at the 15th edition of Independent Music Awards in NYC!  



is the first experience piece from the "Queuelbum" project, directed by the incredible Michael Rfdshir.

​Premiers in Serbia!