Hello and Welcome

to Queuelbum – a shifting realm of sound, visual art and philosophy; your ultimate race against time and limitations. The experience requires maximum involvement: challenge your imagination and be willing to break the rules of logic. Use your imagination - this is the only force that fuels evolution. Get ready for the journey!


​​Queuelbum is a 2-part experience LP by New York music artist Serge Bulat. The time-inspired album is an experiment in instrumental music, visuals, philosophy and conceptual art. Divided into chapters Q15 and Q25, – the parts sonically represent past and future, where center-piece track is intersection of both.


​​I’m delighted to present this music project to you and hope my incredible experience will become yours as you delve into q-realm.

Queuelbum is an experience music project based on philosophical aspect of time. While being a 100 % instrumental work, it was paired with visual arts and narrative prose, to explore the subject of time and its relativity. The project splits into two parts; representing contrast between two different worlds: seen and unseen, real and unreal, past and future, and the struggle to glue the opposites together. 

The subject of time and my strong desire to bridge past and future is what makes this concept hold/whole. Music is that bridge... and, in its own way, a device for communication. Through sound you can access a distant memory - an episode from your or someone else’s life, relieve, piece it with the rest of the puzzle, learn a lesson or two; and if you are lucky, -  create a new one.

It’s my belief that through art you establish the contact with past or future self, and then see that big picture. Even though it takes an effort to accomplish that and, more importantly, fully understand how time works, - the reward is priceless… and ironically timeless. I hope you’ll join me on this quest and together will arrive at the destination.​ 


14 exciting months of making the album turned into a self discovery journey. Like any work of art, the project was inspired and triggered by life itself; by things I can or cannot understand, all circling around the grand subject of time.

Time has an enormous effect on us: measuring our lives and altering our day-to-day activities. As we fear time, and particularly, the lack of it, we tend to perceive it as an enemy. There is never enough time to live, love, enjoy and experience… although rushing the clock isn’t the right thing to do. I tried to find a balance between “loving” and “hating” time and incorporate it into music. Luckily enough I had the opportunity to document this process within my tracks. 

Musically songs are surfing between genres: trip hop, down tempo and ambient electronica. Spontaneously, the project developed and adopted a specific blend, which, you and I can call “Q”; it followed and constantly broke its own rules. The album turned into something bigger when I joined forces with filmmaker Michael Rfdshir. It expanded into its own universe… becoming multi-dimensional and obtaining visual and poetic bodies. 

Everytime we listen to the sound of Queuelbum, -  we become a part of it and, simultaneously, it becomes you… therefore both sides experience a transformation. I very much hope you’ll find Queuelbum enjoyable and explore all its dimensions. 


Queuelbum: A Musical Journey
Subject: time 
Objects: q15 and q25 
Theme: connection/communication between q15 and q25 
Structure / Sub Themes: duality
Chapters: past and future 
Album: chapters mirror themselves 
Tracks: all musical pieces have a double 
Collision: the center reflects both experiences 
Navigation: center piece points in both directions: to inception and the end 
The Journey: loops at the final track 
Shift: last song becomes the first one 
Continuity: time creates worlds within worlds 
Queuelbum: a complex communication device/ a soul mirror